Dyson DC50 Animal Vacuum Cleaner – The Best Choice for Compact Cleaning?

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Let’s face it – when you’re shopping for household electronics, one thing that usually is overlooked is the vacuum cleaner while in fact, it’s an absolutely essential piece of hardware to keep your home healthy, dust-free and clean. Those are not the only factors that matter, however, as some vacuum cleaners are also particularly suited for homes with pets or people with a high sensitivity for allergens. A good vacuum cleaner will save you lots of time, and could perhaps even make the cleaning process a bit more enjoyable.

It’s important to find a good balance between price, efficiency, functionality, and features, which is where the Dyson DC50 comes in. This compact vacuum cleaner has been given the name ‘Animal’ and features a lightweight build, powerful cleaning technology, and the DC50 should also be easy to maneuver. Dyson is not an unknown brand when it comes to vacuum cleaners, so can the device live up to its (admittedly high) expectations? Find out in our detailed Dyson DC50 Animal review below.

Meta description: The Dyson DC50 Animal is a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner with a unique design and extensive features, but is it also a good choice in its price range? Find out in our review.

About Dyson

Dyson is a brand that has become almost synonymous with the concept of a vacuum cleaner and has always been known for its innovation, ability to think outside of the box, powerful cleaners and unique, striking designs. The company was invented by James Dyson – who in turn invented the vacuum cleaner itself! It’s absolutely fair to say that Dyson has been a major pioneer in the household appliances industry and continues to be so. Aside from manufacturing vacuum cleaners, the 25-year old company is also known for its hand dryers and bladeless fan solutions.

A quick note here: the Dyson DC50 was previously known as the Dyson Ball Compact Animal Upright. Dyson has just changed the name of the model – there are no changes under the hood. If you see documentation referring to the Dyson Ball Compact, it also applies to the DC50.

The benefits of upright vacuum cleaners

The Dyson DC50 vacuum cleaner uses an upright style, as opposed to the more traditional canister-type vacuum cleaners. While the latter is more suited for small nooks and cleaning stairs, the upright models have a bunch of benefits over other types of vacuum cleaners. One of the most important pros of upright vacuum cleaners is that they tend to offer considerably more cleaning power and suction. Upright vacuum cleaners have no issues at all with all sorts of floors, including carpet. They’re also a lot more lightweight and thus much easier on the back – certainly something to keep in mind as an ergonomic cleaning method can do wonders for your body.

In short, an upright vacuum cleaner is ergonomically friendlier and packs a lot more horsepower. Size matters when it comes to vacuum cleaners and the DC50 Dyson is even smaller than the competition. Don’t be fooled, however – because this machine handles 128 air watts of suction power, which is impressive for a vacuum cleaner that weighs in at just 11.6 pounds.

What makes the Dyson DC50 so special?

While Dyson has never really released a product that wasn’t special, the DC50 Animal does stand out more above the brand’s other products. As we’ve mentioned before, the DC50 isn’t as heavy or bulky as their other vacuum cleaners. It’s quick and easy to store away and still packs enough punch to effectively clean your house. It’s not as powerful as some the full-size Animal model, the DC41, but offers the same features and specifications otherwise. The Dyson DC50 encompasses the power of the larger Dyson models with turbines in a sleek and elegant design with a purple/gray color combination. Where does the name Animal come from, you might ask? Well, Dyson uses a compact turbine tool at the top of the upright vacuum which is built specifically to suck up pet hairs and nasty allergens. As you’d expect, it also features many of Dyson’s other patented cleaning technologies which make cleaning with a Dyson a breeze, which we’ll talk about later on in the review.

The compact size also translates into a much quieter sound production when using the vacuum cleaner. Although we don’t have any readings with decibels, the DC50 is noticeably quieter than larger-sized Dyson models and the difference isn’t slight, to say the least. Dyson includes a full-service (parts and labor) 5 years’ warranty. You do have to purchase it from an authorized reseller such as Amazon in order to take advantage of the lengthy warranty period.

Dyson DC50 Parts and Specs

You’ve probably already heard us saying the DC50 packs a lot of power in a small package, but here are the specifications to prove it. As mentioned above, the total suction of the compact Animal vacuum cleaner is rated at 128 a/w. Furthermore, the total width of the cleaning path is 11”, which should be more than sufficient to easily clean up floors. The dirt container capacity isn’t overly large and we feel it could be significantly higher, but it’s certainly not terrible as well with a maximum of .21 gallons.

The cord length is just a tad below 25 inches so you can comfortably vacuum at a distance and the maximum reach is 28.5 feet. The length of the hose is on the larger side for a compact model at 8.5’. The included HEPA-filters are of course washable and are suited for lifetime usage. Last but not least; some number to give you an idea of how compact the Dyson DC50 really is: 30.1 x 11 x 13.9 inches. In terms of percentage, the DC50 is around 30% more compact than a comparable full-sized model. Pretty impressive, right? Assembly is extremely straightforward as you just have to clip the floor head of the DC50 into the body.

Functionality of the Dyson DC50

Dyson has made a pretty big deal out of their ‘ball’ system in most of its recent vacuums. Instead of using just a traditional stick-like movement system or wheels, Dyson has opted for a giant ball, reminiscent of computer trackballs that were hugely popular back in the day. It turns out that the same concept works brilliantly on a vacuum cleaner, who would’ve thought? Dyson has managed to integrate all the necessary working parts of the DC50 into the base and thus the ball of the machine, so in many ways, it’s also the heart of the vacuum cleaner. It’s tidy, and it saves a lot of space.

Efficiency, however, isn’t the only reason that the Ball is such a great concept. All the heavier components of the Dyson Ball DC50 are placed inside the ball, which means the vacuum cleaner has a natural low center of gravity point. In less’ sciencey’ words, it means you’ll able to handle the DC50 with a lot less force and it will slide along with your gentle movements. Because the DC50 can practically move in all directions, it’s also excellent to use if you want to reach tighter spaces such as corners for example. Steering the Dyson DC50 Animal is an absolute joy and we applaud Dyson’s technical ingenuity here.

In order to maintain a lighter weight, Dyson has opted to use durable plastic materials for some of the DC50’s build. Although we’re still dealing with plastic here, the build quality of the device is excellent and definitely doesn’t feel as flimsy as you might expect. Dyson also has a reputation for using the absolute best plastic materials around which are also being used in crash tests. We’re pretty confident that the DC50 is made to last.

A lot of users praise the Dyson DC50 Animal for its ability to suck up pet hairs and human hairs as well, this vacuum cleaner certainly hasn’t stolen its name. It can pick up all hair without tangling them, which does tend to be an issue with comparable vacuum cleaners. The machine features a built-in button to switch between the on- and off modes of the brush roll for use on carpet and hardwood floors, respectively. But Dyson has also thought about user convenience for a seemingly simple switch, as the DC50 will automatically attach to your floor as closely as possible for the best performance thanks to its articulating base plate. It may sound like a gimmick at first, but it’s really useful if you’re cleaning multiple types of floors in one go!

The dirt container is luckily fairly easy to use, which makes up for its rather small capacity. It’s transparent so you can keep an eye on it and decide when things are getting too full. Emptying is just a matter of opening the container, shaking the box and letting it all fall out – it all happens in a matter of seconds.

Cleaning performance

The Dyson DC50 is a newer multi-room vacuum cleaner and uses the same technology as the mid-sized DC40 and the larger sibling of the Ball-type Animal, the DC65. As the numbers suggest, the higher the number, the larger the model. These three can be considered members of the same generation and feature identical technologies. The cyclone system has also been around for a while and is a true Dyson trademark. The DC50 features a whopping 19 of them in order to make sure that every bit of dirt, pollen or filth that gets sucked in also stays there and isn’t being redistributed into the air. The cyclones also double in function as a method to greatly improve overall suction.

One thing that is immediately noticeable is that the floor head does a great job at adjusting itself to a different floor and carpet heights – this functionality that has been touted by Dyson absolutely works as intended. The main beater bar of the DC50 does have a very gentle feel and we’d even be comfortable using it on more sensitive flooring. The bristles are made out of carbon which helps in removing smaller dust and fine particles and is especially useful when cleaning on laminate or parquet floors.

The Dyson DC50 has been tested on pretty much every surface area you can think of – carpet, tiles, laminate, hard floors and pretty deep rugs. There’s always one recurring element: cleaning performance is excellent and some would even say astonishing. Keep in mind that the Dyson DC50 is a lot smaller, which makes this an even more impressive feat.

One minor negative that is worth mentioning is that this vacuum cleaner isn’t perfect for older houses with high floors as the length of the hose can be a limitation – even when using a telescopic wand accessory. It’s a non-issue for the majority of places, but if you do live in a Victorian-type house where you’ll need to be able to reach higher altitudes, it’s best to consider a larger Ball-type Dyson model such as the DC65.

Included accessories

The Dyson DC50 comes with a number of different accessories and tools to adapt the cleaning experience as best as possible to your environment for the best possible results.

The anti-tangling turbine tool is particularly useful when cleaning up pet hairs. It works fairly simply: the turbine uses a couple of brushes and that’ll counter-rotate the hairs directly to the floor. The result is that hairs don’t get spun around in the tool itself, but tend to break free to get sucked indirectly. There’s also a good chance it’ll stay on the brushes, which means you can pick up very easily by removing the main floor head. This will also give you access to the two washable HEPA-filters. It’s recommended that you clean them every month or so to keep them in optimal condition.

Another included tool is a combination of a nozzle and brush, which can be useful in certain hard-to-reach areas. Dyson has also included a stair tool which makes it even easier to clean vertical surfaces. Luckily, the power cord is just about the right length to comfortable clean stairs.

Last but not least, Dyson hasn’t forgotten a type of reach wand that automatically releases and retracts to make the whole experience completely pain free.

Differences between the Dyson DC50 Animal and Dyson Multi Floor

Dyson has also released a fairly similar vacuum cleaner with practically the same design, the Dyson 206900-01 Multi Floor. The Animal is much more suited for use on carpets and can absolutely handle the extra allergens produced by pets and also specializes in cleaning up pet hair much more friendly. As opposed to the Multi Floor, you won’t have any issues with tangled hair at all. The Multi Floor model does perform a tad better on harder floors and tends to work a bit quieter on this floor type. It’s a bit less maneuverable when compared to the Animal but still offers great flexibility nonetheless. In short – the Animal is definitely the more complete and functional device, but the Multi Floor might be worth considering if you don’t have pets, have hard floors, and aren’t interested in the extra filters for allergens and pollen.

Conclusion Dyson DC50 Animal Review


  • Great and lightweight design
  • Extremely easy to maneuver
  • Anti-tangling feature works great
  • Useful included accessories
  • Fairly quiet operation


  • Dirt bin isn’t large
  • Not the best choice for high (+ 8’) walls

The Dyson DC50 Animal is an impressive piece of technology and it’s amazing how well this vacuum cleaner handles hard to clean circumstances, especially given its size. It’s very compact, extremely easy to use and can handle just about every spot. It’s not a perfect cleaner as we’d like to see the dirt container a bit bigger, but it’s a process that takes a couple of seconds to clean out anyway. The DC50 is generally available for around $350, and you can check the latest price over here alongside with more images and user reviews. If you’re looking for the best price on a Dyson DC50 Animal, it might be worth checking out some of the refurbished models too. If we’ve had to describe the DC50 in a single sentence, we’d go with this one: Power comes in surprisingly small packages.


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